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Kepa Acero

Algorta, Euskadi, Spain

Once a competitor on the WQS, Spaniard Kepa Acero grew tired of focusing on contests and not being able to truly enjoy the people, cultures, and waves of all the places he went. Giving up the jerseys for an around the world ticket, he now travels to remote places solo and somehow finds a way to capture some amazing footage. Kepa is a brand ambassador for Reef and Patagonia.

SPONSORS: Reef, Pukas surfboards, Soloshot cameras, Patagonia

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30 June, 2016 - VIDEOS: Kepa Acero & Natxo Gonzales travel through Africa to Namibia in search of the famous and endless wave at Skeleton Bay. They finally...
27 May, 2014 - FESTIVALS: The Surfilmfestibal will run from June 5th to 8th in San Sebastian. The 2014 edition will be about storms, giant sessions and other...
14 May, 2014 - TEAM: At the early age of nine, Kepa Acero purchased his first pair of Reef sandals at a little stockhouse garage in 1989. During this time, two...
30 April, 2014 - FILM: The surf may have pumped in Cornwall at the weekend but even the waves couldn’t tempt the crowds away from the first annual Approaching...
9 January, 2014 - FILM: Kepa Acero, Reef rider and filmmaker, will try again this new solo experience discovering new waves in extreme situations in the...
25 January, 2013 : - VIDEO: Kepa Acero follows his '5 SEAS' project in Antarctica aboard the Pakea Bizkaia and although he is having...


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