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Kiwi hopefuls Stairmand & Christie face Sunset Beach

Billy Stairmand © ASP / Sloane



Team Updates

Ricardo Christie sits in 19th, Billy Stairmand in 28th place on QS

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 November, 2014 - The Reef Hawaiian Pro didn’t go the way the Kiwis wanted over the weekend with Billy Stairmand placing 33rd and Richard Christie placing 65th.

The surf pumped for the event and both surfers had exceptional showings amongst the world’s best surfers including 28 of the top 32 surfers in the world.  The event is now being touted as one of the best high performance showings seen with the event being won by Maui’s Dusty Payne. 

Dusty Payne defeated Ricardo in the second round and then runner up Julian Wilson defeated Billy in the third round.

The results left both Kiwi surfers stranded on the same ranking points as they went into the event with.  Ricardo sits on 9,565 and Billy 8,105. So where does that leave the boys’ qualification aspirations with one event remaining?

Ricardo sits in 19th place.  Billy sits in 28th place.  Both surfers need a big result at the final event of the year which starts in seven days’ time – the Van’s World Cup at Sunset Beach which takes place from the 24th November – 6th December.

As the rankings stand there are four surfers that are qualifying via the World Championship Tour and the World Qualifying Series.  That means Ricardo is five places off qualification.  Bear in mind there is also the Billabong Pipe Masters WCT event to finish the year so the cut off for qualification could change.

At a minimum Ricardo needs a 17th placing which could see him jump up as many as five rankings with a 10,465 point total.  However with several surfers around him also holding low points for their fifth result, Ricardo is likely to need a 13th placing (fourth in the quarters) which would give him 11,365 points and a better chance.

Billy will need a bigger performance than Ricardo with a seventh (fourth in semis) giving him 10,605 points which would be bear minimum but more than likely a fifth for 10,805 points or a fourth being better again at 11,405 points.

Like we said at the start, it will be a long week of contemplation for the guys as they prep for the biggest event of their careers and what could be a career defining moment.

The top 30 surfers on the World Qualifying Series.  Double qualifiers are in bold.

1, Toledo, Filipe, BRA, 20020
2, Banting, Matt, AUS, 17920
3, Dantas, Wiggolly , BRA, 16745
4, Andre, Jadson, BRA, 16240
5, Wilson, Julian , AUS, 16085
6, Melling, Adam , AUS, 15250
7, Ferreira, Italo , BRA, 14505
8, Flores, Jeremy , FRA, 13030
9, De Souza, Adriano, BRA, 12089
10, Simpson, Brett , USA, 12045
11, Asing, Keanu , HAW, 11400
12, Hermes, Tomas , BRA, 11180
13, Wilkinson, Matt , AUS, 10580
14, Freestone, Jack , AUS, 10440
--------------------------------------------------- Current cut off
15, Duru, Joan, FRA, 10300
16, Mendes, Jesse , BRA, 10170
17, Smith, Jordy, ZAF, 9740
18, Martin, Charles, GLP, 9575
19, Christie, Ricardo, NZL, 9565
20, Reyes, Tim , USA, 9510
21, Cardoso, Willian , BRA, 9285
22, Munoz, Carlos, CRI, 9165
23, Dunphy, Michael , USA, 8940
24, Payne, Dusty , HAW, 8774
25, Fioravanti, Leonardo, ITA, 8620
26, Meister, Torrey , HAW, 8548
27, Hedge, Nathan , AUS, 8370
28, Stairmand, Billy , NZL, 8105
29, Gudauskas, Patrick , USA, 8040
30, Kennedy, Stu, AUS, 7925

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