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Kurtis USA introduces The Duke polarized surf goggles


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Kurtis USA introduces polarized surf goggles

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 July, 2007 : - - Hermosa Beach, Ca -- Kurtis USA, a surfer-owned brass knuckle style surf company, announced today the launch of its Kurtis USA Surf Goggles, designed and crafted by surfers for surfers. The "Duke" is now available online.

The Kurtis USA patented design offers a cool wrap-around style goggle that is polarized to inhibit glare, provides 100% UVA and UVB protection to protect surfers' eyes, are flexible upon impact and float in the water. How do they stay on when surfers attempt late drops or close out tube rides? They come with a comfortable head strap and quick release neck attachment.

The inspiration for surf goggles came from founder and CEO Kurt Shipcott, a lifelong surfer and Orange County native more than 10 years ago. "I was used to wearing my sunglasses on the beach, but I did not have that option in the water," said Shipcott. "Over time I developed pterygium, a callous-like growth on my left eye, due to excessive sun and wind exposure. It began to obstruct my vision that resulted in surgery.

I knew that if I wanted to surf for the long-term, I needed to protect my eyes." When other surfers talked about their eye discomfort, he saw a need and started making prototypes in his parents' garage.

The brand's tagline, "No Fried Eyes" reinforces the health benefit to surfers and the company's ongoing mission to enhance surfers' vision in all wave settings year-round. Explains Shipcott, "Common sense tells you that if sunblock lotion is needed to protect your skin, then your eyes are getting fried if left exposed to the sun."

These patented goggles sell online for $199.00, which includes the surf goggles, Mellon Strap head strap, Quick Release Money Leash neck attachment, a high quality lens cleaning cloth, tip instructions and a convenient and well-ventilated KURTIS storage container.

The Kurtis USA brand was launched in May 2007 at the Holiday ASR (Action Sports Retailer) Tradeshow and will be present at other key industry events and tradeshows this year. The launch of Kurtis USA Surf Goggles is supported with a grassroots marketing campaign including viral marketing and event sponsorship. Distribution at select surf retailers will soon follow.

About Kurtis USA
Kurtis USA is a surfer-owned company based in Hermosa Beach, CA that is dedicated to providing high quality surf goggles to core male and female surfers around the world. The goggles are designed and crafted by surfers for surfers, always with the surfer's needs in mind. Kurtis USA manufacturers its goggles in the United States and tests all new products in the waves of California, Hawaii and other high-profile destinations. To learn more about KURTIS USA, please visit or Contact Sue Schroeder at 714-292-9930

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