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Latest Lib Tech collab departs from big brand bro-shapes



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Lib Tech's Nude Bowl designed by in house Lib Tech shaper Jeff "Hendo" Henderson

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 June, 2017 - Today boardmakers Lib Tech announced the latest in their line of alternative-material surfboards. Following on the heals of such popular ...Lost Surfboard shapes such as the Puddle Jumper, Sub Buggy and Short Round, Lib Tech debuts the "Nude Bowl.

Billed as an "all-rounder" the Nude Bowl, shaped by Jeff Henderson, is a streamlined version of their original speedy Bowl Series but with a little extra volume. Lib Tech bill the design as daily driver suited for high-performance surfing in average and above-average waves.

The big news on this design is that Lib Tech have gone with a fin system that is now FCS lI compatible (previous designs only fitted Lib Tech fins or two-tab FCS style fins.

"The Nude Bowl rips everything," says team rider Ryan Carlson. "You can’t always bring a bunch of boards with you. If I have to limit my quiver down to one board, I can count on Lib construction not to break and the Nude Bowl to get it done in anything from slop to double over head and barreling.” 



About the shaper: Jeff “Hendo” Henderson grew up skating, snowboarding and ripping the surf of the Pacific Northwest. Jeff has been shaping/designing boards alongside Mike Olson for the past decade. Hendo designs and works with our internal crew and surf team to tune our Lib shapes to perfection transitioning feedback and his own direct experience into our unique Eco Iso process, construction and shapes. Complete freedom to experiment empty waves and the ability to perfectly replicate shapes create a magical environment for Hendo to push Lib surf shapes into the future. 


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