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Latest non-stringer tech from Oz uses carbon fiber strips



Board Design

Latest non-PU option is the carbon wrap developed by Dan McDonald

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 June, 2015 - The uber-frothy Benny from Compare Surfboards has just launched his review of the Short Round by Lost Surfboards. Benny's a big guy and rides the same dimensions as the board's shaper Matt Biolos. While we've covered the Short Round in our Board of the Week section, Benny digs deep into the board in the below video, especially the board's unique carbon wrap developed by Dan McDonald.

"Now that carbon strip and that carbon strip, the shape and the placement of that is intentionally put there to allow the board to tortionally flex so when you’re going and you’re doing a big bottom turn and the board is twisting a little bit under your feet, you want that board to snap back. That’s what carbon is there for, it’s a very durable material. It handles a lot of stress over time and that’s really the purpose of using carbon is to embed those properties into a board so that when you surf it you can feel that springy feel of it of it bouncing back against you.

Again, that kind of placement very specifically put there to give you that kind of dynamic feel in the water. I’m very sold on it. Again, I’ve surfed this in smaller waves and again, you kind of push off the back foot and it just springs and launches out of turns. It’s just really fun and fast to ride, but in bigger stuff it doesn’t feel too springy so that’s the amazing thing about it. It seems to work in a broad wave range.



That’s pretty cool. The carbon wrap technology by Dan McDonald of DMS Shapes. I have been surfing it as a quad. I did surf it as a thruster. I actually like surfing it maybe more as a thruster. I was surfing it in those bigger and better waves as a thruster. I just liked having that little bit of extra hold but for now, you can see that I got just this quad set up here using these FCS2 Performers with the Performer trailers at the back. I’ve been surfing these as my all around FCS2 fins. They go really well, but that is the Lost Short Round and overall a really fantastic little performance, hybrid board.

Again, a very simple kind of clean design and then I love the fact that it’s done in this carbon wrap construction. It’s super light. It’s super fast and again, it feels really springy underfoot. It just launches out of turns, feels really snappy when I go to do a backhand turn. I’m not a very quick surfer, I’m more of a power surfer. This makes me feel quicker than I am so that’s a good thing."



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