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Lebanon joins the ISA as 84th Member Nation

President of Lebanon Surf & Sport Ali Elamine, in "Chekka"



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ISA welcomes Lebanon as their 84th member nation

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 April, 2014 - Officially called the Lebanese Republic, the country borders Syria to the North and East, Israel to the South, and the Mediterranean Sea to the West.

While Surfing and StandUp Paddling (SUP) are fairly new sports to the country, wave riding and a form of StandUp Paddling have been around sine the 1950's. Fishermen used two-men boats to collect fish with nets, and often rode waves back to shore as well as to stay in shape.

"We are proud to welcome the Lebanese Republic to the ISA," said ISA President Fernando Aguerre. "Not only does the country have a history of riding waves, but the beautiful Mediterranean Sea offers an amazing training ground for surfers and stand up paddlers of all levels."

"While modern Surfing and StandUp Paddling are fairly recent sports to the country, our newly recognized member, Lebanon Surf and Sport, are a dedicated group."

"Besides regularly hosting free ocean-awareness workshops to teach aspiring young surfers about ocean safety, practical skills and surf technique, they also provide equipment to those who want to learn, and have grown the sport exponentially since starting two years ago. We are excited to work with them, continue to develop the sport, and provide a positive healthy outlet for youth in their country."

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