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Legendary 'Search' boat sinks in the Mentawais

The Quest 1 © Mentawai Surf Travel



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The boat from many of your favorite surf clips now sits on seafloor

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 July, 2015 -  The legendary Rip Curl Search boat, The Quest 1, has sunk in the Mentawais. The Ratu Motu and Indies Trader lll responded to distress calls and rescued crew and passengers. All are safe.

Pete Nevins told Surfing Life they had been surfing Lance’s Left and had motored on to find someplace less crowded. In the middle of the night Nevins said the boat started taking on water in the engine room. An hour-and-a-half later everyone was grabbing personal items while the ski and life rafts were deployed before the Quest went down.

“It was a frenzy at first – people were just jumping off, going under the ski, all that stuff – the ski tipped over actually,” Nevins told Surfing Life. “We had a masseuse on board, who wasn’t a very good swimmer, and she grabbed onto one of the guests to stay above water, but was bringing the guest down in the process. We had to stop it. But in the end we regained composure and got everyone into the life rafts.”

Nevins said they were able to call the guy who set up the trip who notified someone else. But they had no idea if someone was really coming. The first boat to arrive was the Ratu Motu and then the Traders lll with Martin Daly - who used to own the Quest l when it was the Traders ll.

“But everyone’s ok and safe, and that’s what’s important," said Nevins. "We’re just counting our blessings and figuring out what we’re gunna do when we get back to Padang. I mean, I don’t even have shoes. I’m just thankful that Martin and his crew were there to grab us.”

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