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Legendary Surfers newsletter 68: the Duke hits YouTube


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Legendary Surfers newsletter 68: about Volume 2, a new collection, more

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 September, 2007 : - -  In this month's Legendary Surfers Newsletter #68, there's word about Volume 2, an opening-up of the  Legendary Surfers collection, a rundown of what's been added since last newsletter, and just a word about my icon change.

Legendary Surfers Volume 2 Ready for Christmas: Remember back a couple of years ago when I said I would put out a LEGENDARY SURFERS book every year? Don't remember? That's OK, but that was what I promised back around 2004.

"Legendary Surfers Volume 1: 2500 B.C. to 1910 A.D." was published in 2005 and met with moderate success despite the fact I don't advertise my work beyond this newsletter and the Legendary Surfers website. It continues to sell, as I recently told a friend, the residual income is not that much, but "it's OK beer money."

"Legendary Surfers Volume 2: 1910-1929 A.D. and Tom Blake" takes up where Volume 1 left off, in chronological sequence, as is my usual approach. However, like Volume 1 did with Duke, so Volume 2 does with Tom Blake. His entire story as a surfer is told.

Volume 2 should be ready for ordering by late October. It's too early to say what the total price will be, but it will probably be priced in the same range as Volume 1. That is, $29.95 plus postage and handling. But, don't hold me to that. I will have the for-sure price come next newsletter.

The Legendary Surfers writings continue to be somewhat of an underground operation. They are not sold in bookstores or through If they are sold in surf shops, it's only because the owner or manager has it together to bulk order a bunch. The main way to get your hands on Volume 2 will be via Internet order. Stay tuned. I'll have lots more info for you next newsletter.


I am a big fan of Dick Metz. Here's a guy that had the vision and drive and altruism to put the money he earned in the surf industry to form a non-profit corporation that will outlive all of us -- an entity dedicated to the preservation of surfing's history and culture. It is The Surfing Heritage Foundation (SHF). If you are not aware of the SHF, then please Google the name and read about the great work Dick and many others are doing there -- most all on a volunteer basis.

Anyway, over the years, Dick has said many fine things about my work and I have been thus honored. In talking about how my work could somehow be folded into SHF, we both recognized that sooner or later there will be a growing database on surf history most likely housed at the SHF that will be the final resting place for many of the works of us surf writers.

Toward that end, I am opening up the LEGENDARY SURFERS website to other surf writers, surf journalists and other writers with the intent of eventual incorporation into the body of works held at the Surfing Heritage Foundation.

In the future, when you visit LEGENDARY SURFERS, you will see listed not just my stuff, but the works of others. These will be clearly marked and sometimes accompanied by encouragements to donate to the author's favorite non-profit, charity, or directly to the author for his or her on-going work.

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