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Lima surfers still fighting La Pampilla's destruction

Surfers clash with police © Renzo Geraldo/Facebook





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Surfers in Lima, Peru, still clashing against Mayor's plans

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 June, 2015 - Lima, Peru - Following last week's clashes with police and officials in Lima, surfers are still fighting Mayor Muis Castaneda's plans to "protect" a freeway's third lane from the ocean's nearing infringement. 

The surfing protesters claim there was never a plan for the road's third lane, which runs along a narrow stretch of land between the beach and cliffs. 

The Mayor's crew have been dumping boulders into the lineup, hoping to stop waves from crashing into the road. According to a report by GlobalPost, Neither the Peruvian navy, which oversees development of the coast, nor the Environment Ministry have given permission for the boulders.

Karin Sierralta, a Lima local who presides over the Panamerican Surf Association, also accused Castañeda of breaking his word after allegedly promising surfers he would not dump rocks on the beach — and then doing so in the dead of night.

Since the clash with police, the boulders dumped into the area hva been painted yellow—meant to represent Mayor Castaneda's National Solidarity Party, which calls yellow there official color. Whether the painted boulders were the product of protesters, "meant to ridicule Castaneda's rule" or if it's simply the Mayor's smug handiwork is yet to be determined. 

Castaneda has been fairly silent on the matter, saying only that Lima's citizens shouldn't suffer slower traffic because a small number of surfers don't want their spot ruined. 


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