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London Surf Film Festival announces lineup

Skeleton Bay from Jason Hearn's 'The Africa Project'

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London Surf Film Festival announces lineup

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 September, 2012 : - - The London Surf / Film Festival is stoked to announce the official selection of International features for the 2012 event. Hitting the capital 11-14 October and hosted at the iconic Riverside Studios, The London Surf / Film Festival is a celebration of the cream of contemporary surf culture from waveriding’s most exciting creative’s, bringing to the capital four nights of international surfing’s hottest releases, independent films and award-winning features.

“The feature programme showcases the very pinnacle of surf filmmaking on a global scale. It delivers a full range of perspectives on waveriding from cutting edge performance in films like Dear Suburbia and Sally to thought provoking features such as Otelo Burning and documentaries like The Boardroom that celebrate the roots of our culture,” says London Surf / Film Festival Director Chris Nelson. “I’m hugely excited about the line up which includes 5 huge European Premieres and 4 UK Premieres and award winning films from USA, Australia, Tasmania, Norway, Brazil and South Africa.

The cinematography is stunning, the sound tracks are epic while the surfing pushes things to a whole new level – I can’t wait to see the films played out on the big screen in this cultural capital to an amped and knowledgeable British audience.’ The full line up includes The Shorties short film competition presented by National Trust, created to support and promote homegrown filmmaking talents on the world stage. The weekend’s celebration will be accompanied by a gallery show plus talks with filmmakers of note including Directors Markus Davids and Inge Wegge. For full schedule details and information about the festival head to:

Tickets are on sale now through the Riverside Studios Box Office priced from £8.00


European Premiere: Here and Now, Dir. Nathan Meyers, USA
Bringing together more than 25 of the world’s best filmmakers and surfers from Kelly Slater and Stephanie Gilmore to Alex Knost, and Britain’s own Reubyn Ash, this epic Taylor Steele project was independently shot across the globe on a single day. Serving up pure stoke, it proves the best place to be is here and now.

European Premiere: Sally, Dir. Simon Treweek and Nicholas Damen, TAS
One of this year’s most anticipated releases, this lovingly crafted ode to waveriding features a band of progressive surfers journeying between tropical paradise and frigid southern ocean beasts. Stunning cinematography and a sumptuous soundtrack combine in this tale of venturing forth, of stirring the soul to make this a modern classic.

European Premiere: The Africa Project, Dir. Jason Hearn, SA
Capturing the soul, surf, and true potential of the African coastline Jordy Smith, Davey Weare, Roosta Lange, Twiggy Baker et al journey through South Africa, Morocco, Senegal, Namibia and beyond. Stunning cinematography showcases some of the longest barrels you’ve ever seen, inspiring a wanderlust that will have you packing your bags and heading south.

European Premiere: Raw The Movie, Dir. Mark Brightwell and Cohan Banfield, AUS
Set to an amping soundtrack, the world’s best take on some of the planet’s most awesome waves from the Shipsterns Bluff to macking Chopes. Featuring the likes of Owen Wright, Sion Milosky, Bruce Irons, Slater, Parko, Laurie Towner, JOB, Alex Gray and with a bone-crunching wipe out section, Raw will inspire, motivate and amaze.

European Premiere: Tracking, Dir. Jimmy James Kinnaird, AUS
This heady voyage follows Tyler Warren, Ellis Ericson, Jason Salisbury as they hand-shape single fin trackers and head out on vintage motorbikes to surf them through wild Indonesia. “Tap into the source and feel the juice”. This is one wild ride not to be missed.

UK Premiere: Dear Suburbia, Dir. Kai Neville, USA
One of this year’s hottest releases Kai Neville fuses trademark epic sound track, irreverent style and cutting edge surfing from Dane, John John, Kolohe et al exploring Japan, Oz, NZ, Indo and The Caribbean in this epic follow up to ‘Lost Atlas’ and ‘Modern Collective’.

UK Premiere: Intentio, Dir. Loic Worth, BRA
Featuring waves you’ve probably never seen before taken apart by world-class surfers like Gabriel Medina, Craig Anderson, Chippa Wilson, Jean da Silva plus a host of names you’ll soon know about, this award winning film is an underground hit. Fuses sharp, beautiful filmmaking with a haunting sound track.

UK Premiere: North of the Sun, Dir. Inge Wegge  and Jørn Ranum, NOR
A Stoked and Broke for the cold water tribe - a staycation epic on zero bucks at zero degrees!
Inge Wegge  and Jørn Ranum spent nine winter months living on a remote island in the arctic circle off the coast of Norway. On an isolated bay they built a cabin from driftwood and foraged for food. But what they brought with them was stoke, humor and their surfboards.

UK Premiere: Boardroom, Dir.Markus Davids, USA
Award winning documentary follows the evolution of the surfboard, paying homage those legends who laid the foundations for our entire lifestyle. Archive footage and contributions from surfing luminaries from Greg Noll to Robert August, Dick Brewer et al. A must for surf culture aficionados.

Feature: Otelo Burning, Dir. Sara Blecher, SA
Between City of God and Blue Crush, this award wining coming of age feature follows a group of township kids who discover surfing and through it, a taste of freedom. Set in 1989, against a backdrop of brewing political conflict and Nelson Mandela’s release from prison it’s a story of the explosive potential for change at the time of apartheid’s end – all seen through a child’s eyes.

Feature: El Mar, Mi Alma, Dir. Stephen Jones, AUS
A visual tone poem that blends beautiful cinematic surfing sequences, coastal landscapes and commentary with an authentic soundtrack and the poetry of Pablo Neruda to transport you to the waverich coastline of Chile. Award winning film features the cutting edge surfing of Dave Rastovitch, Ramon Navarro, Joel Parkinson and Chris Del Moro.

Feature: Surfing and Sharks, Dir. Julian Watson, AUS
This eye-opening documentary goes up close with a group of South African surfers as they explore the very real threat that lurks beneath the surface every time they paddle out. Surfers, shark researchers and ecologists offer objective, first hand insight on one of the ocean’s most feared predators, exploring real life solutions to existing issues around the relationship between surfers and sharks.

Source: We Are The Fold

Author: Demi Taylor / WATF

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