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Master lenseman brings you historic day at Pipe

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Mick joins Andy Irons & Tom Curren as triple title winners

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 December, 2013 - Aloha from the North Shore, The salt spray has finally settled on the North Shore after what can only be described as a historic day at Pipeline. It was a massive final day of competition with an estimated 10,000 people packing the beach.

The scenario for the last day of Pipe had 12 surfers in the running for the Pipe Title, 6 of those were in the running for a Triple Crown Title and 2 guys were battling it out for the 2013 World Title. The 12' + West swell was coming from such an angle that Backdoor was basically out of the equation, so for the first time in 13 years, the Pipe Masters was going to be decided on the lefts, without the rights of Backdoor playing much of a role.

John John Florence © Peter 'Joli' Wilson


Mick Fanning, who lost in Round 4 had to surf in Round 5, while Kelly Slater who was sitting in the bottom half of the draw had already advanced to the Quarter Finals. Mick had to surf twice before Kelly even hit the water. As it turned out, Mick beat CJ Hobgood in his first heat then when he knocked Yadin Nichol out in the first Quarter Final; the 2013 World Title was done and dusted. Mick had his 3rd World Title and joins the ranks of Tom Curren and Andy Irons with Mark 'MR' Richards winning four.

John John Florence stitched up his 2nd Triple Crown and Slater turned it on in the final notching up his 56th World Championship Tour win and his 7th Pipeline Masters Title. It's hard to believe but Kelly has been winning WCT contests since John John was just one year old… Will Florence be his heir apparent?

Kelly Slater © Peter 'Joli' Wilson


This Gallery is packed with images from the Billabong Pipe Masters and if you're looking for an in depth selection of the new World Champ, check out the Mick Fanning own Gallery in this library site.
It has been a big winter season on the North Shore so far and there are a few Hawaii 2013 Galleries that cover the contests plus Surfing and Lifestyle. I'll send out separate Gallery alerts over the coming days. The season has a long way to go and there is already another big west swell in the forecast.


Hawaii 2013 Billabong Pipe Masters - Images by Peter 'Joli' Wilson

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