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Matt Wilkinson officially partners with Darren Handley

Matt Wilkinson © DHD Surf



Team Updates

DHD Surf welcomes Matt Wilkinson to the team

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 February, 2014 - According to Darren Handley, "he's a surfer with his own unique style in more ways than one.". Wilko got rattled when he almost came up short on requalification for the World Tour this year. Now surfing's version of Keith Moon is fired up, focused and officially connecting with the man who put sleds under world champ Mick Fanning's feet. One of the more eloquent shapers in the world, Darren had a few things to say about having Wilko on the team:

"I’ve been working with Wilko – last year making him a few boards and helping him re qualify for 2014. This year Wilko has a new lease on life, now being 25 he’s ready to start training and get a little more serious about competing on the WCT. I am really looking forward to making Wilko some good boards, getting some good feedback, and seeing some great results from him this year.

Some of Wilko's quiver waiting for artwork © DHD Surf


"Matt is such a character in surfing (I’m sure you’ve seen his crazy wetsuits) and is always keen to test out some of our more interesting models & designs. You’ll be seeing some great clips coming your way of some of his test flights. I’ve followed Matt’s progress through all his life, and he’s an amazing surfing especially on his back hand. I don’t want Matt to loose any of the character in the way he surfs and the way he treats himself, just add a bit more professionalism.

"I expect to see some great things from the combination of Matt & my boards. Welcome to the team Matt! I can’t wait to see your first CT event at Snapper this year. At the DHD Factory we’re certainly happy to see more of Wilko’s personality around the place and look forward to seeing what 2014 brings for the DHD Team.

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