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Matuse debuts functional landsuit inspired by Navy SEALs



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Product is Olympic-caliber outdoor training suit for performance athletes

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 November, 2015 - Matuse celebrates its 10-year anniversary in the Fall of 2016. For this milestone, Matuse will launch a new website, amphbious performance apparel and a Kickstarter campaign.

The detailed launch sequence looks like this: New featuring the Company’s “Surf / Sport / SEAL” Campaign; The initial “fast track” offering of Matuse’s amphibious performance apparel line called, “Alpha Project 1” (i.e., an abandoned Nike Trademark that Matuse acquired) will be the “gifts” on Matuse’s forthcoming November Kickstarter; Kickstarter Campaign starting 11/11/15 – for The Ichiban Ninja Landsuit

Inspired by the collision of sport, fashion and technology, this product combines clean and modern design with the combat ready capabilities of Navy SEAL tactical gear – and the state-of-the-art textile technology of an Olympic-caliber outdoor training suit for performance athletes: Water resistant, wind-blocking and breathable. Comfortable yet rugged. Perfectly suited for running through a New England blizzard — wearing post winter surf sessions – or daily use throughout the city. Like our wetsuits in the water, this Suit for Land features strategic paneling, using the world’s most advanced materials. Function first, solution-specific and utility-driven.

Matuse, Inc. is a pioneering "surf and sport” performance lifestyle brand focused on developing the next generation of functionally superior, aesthetically distinct and authentic products for premium and active customers. Founded in the Summer of 2005 and launched in the Fall of 2006, Matuse is a globally renowned maker of the world’s most functionally superior wetsuits (made from a Japanese limestone-based rubber called Geoprene.

Year over year, approximately 70% of Matuse’s sales are online and roughly 50% of its audience is international. In 2014, Matuse opened its first concept store on the Highway 101 in its hometown of Del Mar, CA. Matuse ambassadors and customers include iconic professional surfers like Joel Tudor and Mikala Jones, elite Triathletes like Team Breakaway Training and Seal Team Six Alumni, Mitch Hall and Paul Tharp. 

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