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Maya Gabeira & her Red Bull Waverunner head to Hawaii


Maya Gabeira and PWC : photo courtesy Shawn Alladio

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Carlos Burle and Maya Gabeira's Red Bull Waverunner is finally on it's way to Hawai'i! 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 May, 2008 : - - The journey continues, Carlos Burle and Maya Gabeira's Red Bull Waverunner is finally on it's way to Hawai'i!  Tow surfing isn't just about being on the wave itself and enjoying the freedom of the ocean, it's a concerted effort shared by the masses who have to organize, plan, and prepare. 

The effort is sometimes overwhelming with transits from car, plane, train, equipment and a myriad amount of telephone calls and internet mail. The final destination is bolstered by a great relief of hard work behind the scenes.

The Waverunner had finally received its baptismal iconic Red Bull branding.  The day before the XXL Big Wave Awards in Anaheim California, we were celebrating Maya's 21st birthday with Carlos and I in tow to Santa Barbara to get the Waverunner loaded, secured and shipped.  True to Murphy's law, the plan was vacated, so we decided to go for a Jet Ski ride up the Gaviota coast to Hollister Ranch. 

We hooked up with Paul Schulte and off we went, a bit discouraged, but then when we all came together on the Pacific Ocean, the brilliance of its beauty took center stage. We parked our disappointment and celebrated life.

A very easy thing to do with a simple choice.  But it wasn't over, we still had to purchase supplies, a trailer, and secure paperwork, plus attend the XXL Awards.  It became a 750 mile driving adventure during a heat spell in Socal that blasted 104 degrees.  The time together was hectic, but fun.

A month later we are playing groundhog day.  Maya is flying back from Brazil, we meet at our home, hook up the Waverunner that has been sleeping in our driveway, drive to the shipping company, lunch and back to the airport for her flight home to Hawai'i.

Life has an ebb and flow just like the tides and moods of the moon and ocean's pull.  My mother always reminds me of this, and women's bodies are connected to this well enough.  The feminine aspect of life is one of growth, birth and caretaking.  I also prefer risk taking.  Thank you very much, and so does Maya, and why not? You just have to give yourself permission from time to time. 

We pulled up at Hawai'ian shipping in Compton to get the Waverunner prepared for its first overseas journey, by a big shipping tanker. It appears it will arrive in a fast clip of five days.  Wow!



Why are ships always referred to as 'female' in respect? Was it because sailing men in the days of old missed their women and gave credit to saving their lives in harrowing storms?  I guess that sounds romantic enough.  The Red Bull Waverunner will soon be put through its paces as Maya begins her training for the upcoming winter season off the waters of Oahu. 

I'm going to come over in July and we'll spend some time getting in step with the ocean's pulse, it is going to be great fun and an incredible time to learn.  Their Yamaha FX 140 is a great ocean going boat, it is going to love to go to work for them!

Titia Maya; our little Shaniah has lost her newest best friend to a Waverunner, boo hoo!  Shaniah crawled right into Maya's lap and introduced her to her favorite Dora the Explorer children's DVD.  We spent the night at home listening to Shaniah not wanting to go sleep unless she and Maya could have a slumber party.  Unfortunately mother ruled and Shaniah fell asleep after many protests. 

It is great for our daughters to see our sisters and mothers going out and treading their dreams, going the distance, and changing the world.  More women need to give themselves permission to do the right thing, not the acceptable thing and do what you are afraid to do! Of course within reason.  A Jet Ski is a good reason.

The end for California and the beginning for Hawai'i, the first Waverunner for Gabeira, but certainly not the last.  She and Carlos arrived at Morro Bay in California on December 5th, right after the big swell that hit Ghost Tree in Carmel, and we trained for 4 days straight in storm surge waters.  That was the launch and now the load is next. 

What Burle and Gabeira are doing is what I call 'Professional'.  They are creating a program to ensure success, reduce potential liabilities, so they can excel and enjoy with assurance their abilities and to compliment them when the ocean wakes up with a personality that gifts us that seek big waves, or maybe bigger waves.  It is the Ride of Your Life, and it won't end until the end.

Oh yeah I want to say hello to Mae and Papai back home in Rio, your kid is doing great!  See you soon Sister!

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