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Meet Tasmanian photographer Andrew Chisholm

Marty Paradisis © Andrew Chisholm



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Slabs of Shipstern’s Bluff helped launch Chizza’s career 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 August, 2014 - Andrew Chisholm was born in Tasmania, and is where he proudly calls home to this day, relishing in the spectacular coastline and pristine wilderness environment.

Andrew evolved into professional surf photography through meeting Tasmanian big wave surfers James Polonowski and Andrew Campbell in which he was fortunate enough to travel the State on surfing adventures and eventually Shipstern Bluff which is now regarded as one of the worlds best waves. 

Once experiencing the exhilaration of Shipstern Bluff it was not long until Andrew wanted to capture the amazing feat endured by his mates and which has since been of captivating interest to surfing enthusiasts worldwide. 

Andrew has the fortune of traveling extensively to many great surfing locations throughout Australia and overseas including Indonesia and Hawaii.


Images from Andrew’s travels have been widely published in surfing and lifestyle magazines worldwide, with his most notable achievement being a regular photographer for renowned Australian Surfing Life magazine.

For the past decade, Andrew’s love of the ocean has engulfed his whole life whereby on any given day he can be found chasing waves, fishing Tasmania’s coastline or frolicking out in Tasmania’s wilderness relishing in the solitude and enjoying all those perfect moments. 

Andrew’s appreciation for Tasmania’s unique environment and being a passionate advocate for its protection, has led to a natural progression into landscape photography. Tasmania is blessed with some of the finest untouched wilderness on the planet and is one of the principal influences on his life.
Andrew’s powerful view of his home state is uniquely portrayed through his images.


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