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Megaswell hits oil rig injuring two people and killing one

An oil rig like the one that was struck by a giant wave on Wednesday



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North Sea drilling rig struck by 46-foot wave during intense storm

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 31 December, 2015 - One person has died and two were injured when a giant wave hit the COSL Innovator rig on Wednesday in the Statoil-operated Troll field offshore Norway. Reports say the Innovator rig had been hit by a "heavy wave" that damaged the accommodation module where workers eat and sleep.

The North Sea off Norway has been seeing some very intense storm activity this week.

"It is with sorrow that Statoil and COSL have received confirmation from police that one person is dead following a huge wave that hit the COSL Innovator today," said owners Statoil in a statement.

Two other people were receiving medical treatment on land, reported Trade Arabia. Close to 50 people out of 106 staff onboard the COSL Innovator rig, whose living quarters were damaged during the storm, have been evacuated.

"The weather was rough during the accident, with waves as high as 14 metres and wind speed 25 to 30 metres per second. Strong winds prevented a helicopter from landing on the rig and people had to be lifted," Eileen Brundtland, a spokeswoman at the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority, told Reuters.

Production at the gas field, Norway's largest, was not affected as the installation was a drilling rig, not a production facility, the Statoil spokesman said.

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