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Mo Freitas, Dino Miranda, Todd Sells claim Pipe victories

Koa Rothman © WatermanLeague



Da Hui Shootout in Memory of Duke Kahanamoku

Pipeline/Backdoor, North Shore Oahu
5 - 6 January 2016

Shortboard, longboard, SUP and bodysurf events roll at Pipe

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 January, 2016 -  It was a spectacular close to the day here at Pipeline, as we saw the Shortboarders take to the water and put on a show here for the Da Hui Shootout in Memory of Duke Kahanamoku.

While it was a tricky line up with a lot of the energy focused on Off the Wall, there were some gems on offer, with the scores to prove it:

Standout performances in Round 1 were from Gavin Beschen of Team Volcom who posted the single highest score of the day, Makua Rothman of Team RVCA who pulled into and came out of an incredible Backdoor barrel and ending the day with a stunning exit out of a beautiful Pipe wave was Jamie O'Brien of Team Da Hui Wax

So the Leaderboard has been established, with the Top 2 best waves providing the result until the 4th round has been completed, at which point it will become athletes' best 3 waves. Should we be able to complete all 6 rounds, it will then become athletes's best 4 waves that will determine the overall result

At the end of Day 1, here are the Top 5 athletes:

Torrey Meister (Team Da Hui Wax): 15.17 (8, 7.17)
Jamie O'Brien (Team Da Hui Wax): 13.07 (9.07, 4)
Gavin Beschen (Team Volcom): 12.83 (9.33, 3.5)
Makua Rothman (Team RVCA): 12.67 (8.67, 4)
Bruce Irons (Team RVCA): 11 (5.67, 4.5)



Dino Miranda wins the Longboarding division in epic fashion

In a star studded heat of longboarding legends, featuring Duane DeSoto, Dino Miranda, Lance Ho'okano, Makamai DeSoto and Zane Aikau, it was Dino Miranda who stepped up to post the best 2 scores on the biggest sets of the heat for a well deserved victory.

Also putting on a standout performance was Lance Ho'okano, demonstrating that experience is everything out here at Pipeline to secure 2nd place, followed by a charging Makamai DeSoto in 3rd place.

With just one super heat being contested, it was a great showcase for the longboard community out here at Pipeline. Here are the final standings:

Dino Miranda
Lance Ho'okano
Makamai DeSoto
Duane DeSoto
Zane Aikau


Mo Freitas © Waterman League


Mo Freitas puts on an impressive and fearless performance 

With two preliminary heats to decide the final, we saw standout performances from the eventual winner Mo Freitas, but also Zane Schweitzer (Starboard), Bernd Roediger (Naish), Bullet Obra and Keali'i Mamala.

Also making their  presences felt were Kainoa McGee and the replacement for Kai Lenny (Naish) who was unfortunately unable to compete due to a delayed flight over from Maui this morning, a local favorite, Pomai Hoapili from right here on the North Shore.

In the final heat, Mo Freitas (Focus SUP) navigated the tricky line up to pull into the most consequential waves of the day, standing tall to take the win. Zane Schweitzer (Starboard) also put on a memorable performance, posting the highest single score of the heat to take second, with a beautiful barrel, followed by the ever impressive Bullet Obra, charging his way into 3rd.

Here are the final standings from today's Final:

Mo Freitas (Focus SUP)
Zane Schweitzer (Starboard)
Bullet Obra
Keali'i Mamala
Pomai Hoapili
Kainoa McGee




Todd Sells wins the bodysurfing with a dominant performance

In another single superheat, it was Todd Sells who rose to the top in another star studded division, this time for bodysurfing, the purest of all of the surfing disciplines.

In the ultimate arena for bodysurfing here at Pipeline the 30 minute superheat saw all the athletes secure a string of solid scores, with Todd taking victory ahead of bodysurf legend Mark Cunningham, Mel Keawe, Duane DeSoto and Kai Santos.

A fitting showcase in Memory of Duke Kahanamoku at one of Hawaii's most iconic waves. Here are the final standings:

Todd Sells
Mark Cunningham
Mel Keawe
Duane DeSoto
Kai Santos
Tau Hannemann

Pipeline, Da Hui Backdoor Shootout, Backdoor, Torrey Meister, Mo Freitas, Dino Miranda, Todd Sells
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