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Mesurf interviews young Hayden Cox of HS Surfboards


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Mesurf interviews Hayden Cox of HS surfboards Inspired by innovation…

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 August, 2009 : - - Hayden Cox is a smart young man who’s invigorated by working on new designs, getting out in the water to test equipment and working on his fiberflex project. Mesurf recently caught up with the man behind the boards you commonly see ripping up your local…

Obviously you've a very strong connection with surfing and shaping that's shown in your boards, tell us how this all arose and why you moved into the life of a shaper?

When I was 15 years old I wanted to make a board and so I did some work experience during my holidays. I was hooked after my first board actually worked – I only shaped one half – but just lined all my mates up to try out one. From there it just grew every year until I ended up running my shaping label business on a full time basis.

The shaping bay is one of my favourite place. I am able to get into my own world in there and work away in a dreamy trance of thoughts. It’s so relaxing in there compared with the rest of my life so I really enjoy it. That bay of yours is very different to a lot of the others I've ventured into. Can you talk us through a typical day inside the purple bay...

A typical day in the bay is in the mornings before 11am. I will have all my boards lined up for me and I’ll just get into the mode with some good music. Once I am into the groove the time goes so quickly that before I know it, lunch is due. All my designing of boards I normally do at night or early morning when no one is around. I normally let my eclectic parrot sit on my should so I have someone to talk with.

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