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Mexican government organizes to protect Baja

Mexican government organizes to protect Baja
Baja California, Mexico © Flicker Commons/Mattbye




Environment Updates 

Mexican Senate organizes a photo exhibit to promote preservation

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 November, 2014 - Wildcoast and the Commission of Climate Change of the Mexican Federal Senate organized a meeting and photo exhibit on October 28th to discuss the importance of protecting Baja California’s Islands of the Pacific – the only Mexican islands that are not yet protected.

Senator Silvia Garza, president of the Climate Change Commission, urged the Secretary of the Environment (SEMARNAT) to formally protect the islands as a federal Biosphere Reserve. The commission will take legislative action to promote the creation of the reserve with the support of senators from Baja California.

The photo exhibit of Baja California’s Islands of the Pacific displays the richness and biodiversity of these special places that need protecting. The exhibit includes colorful aerial and underwater pictures that elicited admiration amongst the senators and the reporters who attended the event.


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