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Mike Stewart bodyboard comp organizers wait out giant swell

Pierre Louis Costes © APB Tour



Mike Stewart Pipe Invitational

APB Bodyboarding Tour
Pipeline, North Shore Oahu
21 February - 4 March 2016

Mike Stewart Pipe Invitational kicks off the APB world tour

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 February, 2016 - On the 2nd day of the waiting period the North Shore of Oahu was ripped apart by a Giant El Nino Swell. Destructive "high surf warning" waves pounded the shore-line closing beaches, roads and washing away yards and homes near the Banzai Pipeline surf break, the site of the Association of Professional Bodyboarders contest at the famous surf spot. 

Contest organizers will wait out the swell and another that is approaching Wednesday into Thursday, hoping to catch epic large conditions at Pipeline as the swell declines on Friday & Saturday. The official call is, "We will NOT run Wednesday & Thursday", said Ben Severson, Contest director. "I will check out the conditions Thursday, but Saturday looks good.

The Science Bodyboard Company is known for precise, thought out design and innovation and this mantra continues with the process of selecting the perfect slice of competitors from around the world. "For the first time this year's invitational event will feature the very best free surfers and very best tour competitors and as well have the best mix of Hawaiian specialist preforming", said Mike Stewart, Event Executive Producer.

"What will result from this mixture of technical wave riders is boundary pushing performances at the most dangerous wave in the world."  It will certainly be dangerous as previous surf has exposed sharp reef that has not been seen in years in the area. The size alone will result in not only expected deep tubes rides but acrobatic spectacular wave riding.

"Bodyboarding is a sport that just about anyone can do and enjoy. When the waves are big, hollow and critical is when the highest echelon of technical wave riding is defined", explains Stewart. "Bodyboarding excels in these conditions by utilizing all aspects of the power of hollow waves. This event will be a display of massive airs and aerial maneuvers of all varieties". 

This event has a high number of Hawaiian competitors and they are set to challenge the World's top rated bodyboarders in a head to head battle. The Local Bodyboarding tour, along with World Champion Mike Stewart, has worked at mentoring these athletes and with local knowledge of the massive Pipeline break they are sure to be the ones to watch.

Current APB rankings:

1 Jared Houston South Africa
2 Amaury Lavernhe Reunion
2 Pierre Louis Costes France
4 Uri Valadao Brazil
5 Iain Campbell South Africa
6 Lewy Finnegan Australia
7 Jacob Romero Hawaii
8 Diego Cabrera Canary Islands
9 Jose Otavio Brasil
10 Sergio Luis Brazil

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