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The most exciting 1-Star ever continues in Bali

Tubes, Tricks, Turns Light Up Komune Bali Pro
Marlon Gerber © ASC/Hain






Komune Bali Pro
Presented by the Mad Hueys

ASP Men's 1 Star QS
Keramas Beach, Bali
8 - 12 October, 2014

Tubes, Tricks, Turns Light Up Komune Bali Pro 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 October, 2014 - Keramas - The Komune Bali Pro presented by The Mad Hueys was once again treated to classic 4-to-5 foot perfect Keramas waves for the 1-Star Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Qualifying Series (QS) and Asian Surfing Championship (ASC) event.

The draw was littered with talented and explosive surfers in each heat today, providing sensational surf action for the fans at Komune Hotel and watching live on Only 16 surfers remain in contention for the coveted event title after Round 2 was completed in pumping surf today.

Dean Morrison (Gold Coast, QLD/AUS) opened Round 2 with a bang, pulling into a long dredging tube for his opening wave and scored a near-perfect 9.23. The fireworks didn’t stop there as all four surfers posted excellent scores and put it all on the line, but it was Morrison who advanced in 1st position, followed closely by Luke Hynd (AUS) in 2nd.

“I woke up this morning and saw these perfect little grinding tubes and was excited to get out there,” Morrison said. “It was a great heat. There were so many waves, we all had big scores and plenty of opportunity, you just had to wait for the sets. Looking forward to tomorrow already.”

Gazali Hamzah © ASC/Tim Hain


Oney Anwar (IND) from Lakey Peak, Sumbawa has spent years living on the Gold Coast to sharpen his competitive skills and today was one of the days where it paid dividends. Late in the heat Anwar was sitting in 3rd place, falling on almost every wave he was left needing a score in the dying moments. In the last minute of the heat he snared a wave and launched into a series of snaps and carves then launched and landed one of the best aerials of the event. He was rewarded with a 9.25 and jumped from 3rd to 1st, his brother Gazali Hamzah (IND) also advanced in 2nd position.

“I knew it was a good wave, but I needed an 8.50 so I wasn’t sure if I’d get it,” Anwar said. “I’m really stoked to make it through the heat with my brother. It was a tough heat, I’ve used that board out there before, but maybe it was too small for today because it wasn’t working well until that last wave.”

Mikey Wright (Lennox Head, NSW/AUS) advanced through Round 2 of the Komune Bali Pro with speed and style, throwing monster hacks and smooth airs seemingly with ease. Jordin Watson (AUS) also advanced in 2nd position.

“The wind came up and the barrels disappeared, but it was still really fun out there,” Wright said. “I wasn’t really thinking about the event, I’ve been away from comps for a while and now I just approach them like a free surf, just have fun and it seems to be working.”

Oney Anwar © ASP/Will Hayden-Smith


Lee Wilson (IND) was another standout surfer on a day full of standout performances. Wilson’s speed and style seem perfectly suited to Keramas as he went top to bottom on every wave to finish the heat with a total of 15.85. Asher Wales (AUS) also advanced in 2nd position.

“I didn’t care if I won or not, I just wanted to enjoy my board and enjoy surfing,” Wilson said. “I never get to surf this place like this anymore because it’s always so crowded. The best thing about this wave is that when it stops barrelling it’s a point break like Snapper, but maybe with a little more punch.”

Mitch Parkinson (AUS) was on point again, lighting up the Keramas walls just like he was at his home break of Snapper Rocks on Australia’s Gold Coast. Parkinson scored a 7.00 on his first wave and an 8.25 on his second, leaving the other three surfers to fight for 2nd place with local Made Rondi (IND) seizing the opportunity.

“I had a ball,” Parkinson said. “I love doing turns on waves like that. You can do whatever you want at this wave. It barrels, or if the wind puffs up you can do turns and airs, it’s like a playground. I had winning the heat in the back of my mind, I like competing, but it was easy to forget the heat was on and just catch waves.”

A call will be made at 6:30am tomorrow for a possible 7am start. The Komune Bali Pro presented by The Mad Hueys offers both ASP QS and Asian Surfing Championship (ASC) points to all surfers and has teamed up with Garuda Indonesia as the official airline partner and GoPro as the official camera of the event.

Will Hayden-Smith

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