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Nazaré offers huge Christmas present for dedicated crew

Ross Clarke Jones © Red Bull/Hugo Silva



Big Wave Updates

Red Bull Filmers at Large project captures Christmas party

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 December, 2015 - One of the larger swells of the season hit Nazaré Canyon on Christmas Day, sending Garrett, Joao de Macedo, Ross Clarke-Jones and Andrew Cotton into heaving wedges at Portugal's most famed big-wave break.

Red Bull reports that Ross Clarke-Jones and Andrew Cotton were but two of the maniacs who formed part of the crew that Garrett Macnamara headed up, and while things started out as paddle-oriented, once the swell fully formed the jetskis came out to play, even getting a little too close for comfort on one Tom Lowe wave. 



Nazaré Canyon, Red Bull, Christmas Day, Garrett McNamara, Joao de Macedo, Ross Clarke-Jones, Andrew Cotton

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