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Ecuador becoming legit surf trip destination





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Learn about the six main surf spots in Ecuador 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 October, 2014 - The beginning of surf in Ecuador dates back to the 60s, when racecar driver Piti Block came to a competition in Playas with his surf board. Ecuador has long since become a national and international hub for surfing with the start of the Ecuadorian Surfing Federation (FES) and by hosting many surfing championships including, most recently, the 2013 World ISA Master and the 2014 World ISA Junior.

The Pacific Coast has over 600 km of waves coming from the north, northwest, south and southwest. Ecuador’s more than 50 beaches meets the criteria for an unforgettable surfing experience including: waves of all kinds, left and right points, perfect beach breaks with wide beaches, warm water and extraordinary weather in beautiful environments. 

There are six hot spots in Ecuador that set the standard for waves. 

Playas, in the province of Guayas and only one hour away from the port of Guayaquil, has over twelve points of waves very close to each other. All right points work most of the year, mainly with medium to large waves heading south and south-southwest.

Salinas, in the province of Santa Elena, is the main resort area along the coast. It has over fifteen beaches relatively close to each other, with left and right points and beach breaks that operate primarily during the peak season from December to April and that receive all types of waves—south, southwest, north and northwest.
Montañita, at the north of the province of Santa Elena, has over ten surf spots, with points and beach breaks of all kinds, including the famous Montañita wave. Its best season is from December to April, and receives all kinds of waves—south, west, north and northwest.

Manta, in the Province of Manabi, is where the beach breaks predominate. The surf season runs from December to April and it also gets all type of waves—south shore, west, north and northwest.

Galapagos has four surf destinations in San Cristobal near the boardwalk and other spots an hour and a half by boat. All point waves function during the season from December to April, preferably with medium to large waves that prevail from southwest, north and northwest.
Mompiche has long left point breaks in high season from December to April, but only preferably with medium to large north and northwest swells.

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