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Book "Kook" explores surf connection & adolescent love





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Celebrated teen author launches new book “Kook”

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 August, 2016 - Writer Christopher Vick has just released a literary adventure anchored in the world of UK surfing. The work of fiction draws heavily from his own experiences as a teen, surfing and falling in love.

The story is told by 15-year-old Sam, recently arrived from the big city to a cottage by the sea. The last time he was here was when he was four, when his father drowned in a storm. 
Sam knows about physics and weather and how waves form – but none of that can prepare him for what lies in store over the coming months, or for falling in love with Jade, the mixed-up surfer girl next door, and with surfing itself.

But Jade is driven by an obsession: finding and riding a legendary huge wave, pictured in a 1916 postcard, that no one has yet discovered. 
As the autumn wears on, the story barrels forward with the force of a deep-water wave, towards a heart-breaking conclusion…

Celebrated teen author, “Kook”, New book, UK author, Explores surf connection
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