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New England crowns region's summer series champions

Robbie Goodwin © Lisa Haase



New England Summer Series Champs 

Eastern Surfing Association
Second Beach, Middletown Rhode Island
29 - 30 August 2015

Summer Series Champs Crowned

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 September, 2015 - In a New England summer of far and few between swells, the ESA had no complaints at the conclusion of the 4-contest series that ended this past Saturday at 2nd Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island. ESA Competition Director Mario Frade was astounded that despite flat conditions across the state, there were ridable and contestable waves at the contest. “The surf gods were on our side all summer,” said Frade. “And it helps that 2nd Beach is a magnet for any kind of swell when everything else is flat.”

The steady onshore winds made for some challenging conditions, but also managed to kick up a solid 3-foot swell for the duration of the event. Charging to big wins in the Menehune and Open Short board was Cape Cod ripper, Rob Goodwin. He was fresh off some big results at the Ozone Classic at Nantucket, two weeks before. Jayden Parry was also on fire, ripping off the top of some right-handed bumps to take the Boys 13 and Under crown.

Noah Gartner continues to own the Menehune Long board division, as he again dominated the field with some outstanding nose rides in the wind chop. His sister, Lily grabbed some great left sectioning peaks to top the female ranks, while Kai Holtbakk lead the oldsters with wins in the Senior Men, Master Long board, and a 2nd place finish in the Open Short board final. Pat Redmond continued to tune up for the East Coast Championships with another win in the Open Body board, and Joe Hedde nailed a perfect left slide to top the Open SUP for the second straight contest.

The overall grand champions of the 4-contest series were crowned after the last horn was sounded, and the big winner of Summer 2015 was Noah Gartner. He amassed enough points despite some tough competition, to win three big divisions.

Noah topped the Open Short board, the Menehune Long board, and the Menehune categories. His sister, Lily was equally outstanding, easily winning her age group and finishing a very close second to Noah, in both the Menehune Long board and Open Short board final standings. Jayden Parry also dominated his division, easily topping the final standings. In the elder ranks, it was veteran Kevin Roy running away with the Senior Men’s crown, and newcomer Joe Hedde winning the Open SUP division.

The next ESA contest is the annual “Catch A Curl” event, which will take place at the Westerly Town Beach on September 20th. This is a contest open to youth competitors only, with specialty events in Menehune, Boys, Girls, and Junior categories.  Beach sign-ups will take place from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM.

Following that contest, will be the annual “Battle of the Beach” competition, which will take place at the Narragansett Town Beach. This event will feature specialty categories such as “retro-short board” and “elf-short board” divisions. Sign-ups will be on the beach on September 26th, and feature some big-time prizes to winners.

Final Results of the ESA SNE Summer Series Contest Round #4, held in 2-3 foot surf at Second Beach, in Middletown, Rhode Island on August 29th, 2015.  
Menehunes-1.Rob  Goodwin 
2.Noah Gartner 
3.Phoebe Hedde  

Boys 13 and Under-
1.Jayden Parry 
2.Josh Hedde  

Boys 15 and Under-
1.Joe Hedde 
2.Joe Doherty Jr. 
3.Dylan Holtbakk 
4.Ben Lyman  

Girls 13 and Under-
1.Sophia Martino 
2.Page Hedde  

Girls 15 and Under-
1.Lily Gartner  

Junior Men-
1.Ryan Wilkinson  

1.Jamie Kelly  

1.Chris Herbert  

Senior Men-
1.Kai Holtbakk  

Grandmasters-1.Claudio Paulino  

Legends-1.Mark Preece  

Grand Legends-
1.Peter Pan 
2.Kitty Pechet  

Open Shortboard-
1.Rob Goodwin 
2.Kai Holtbakk 
3.Joe Hedde 
4.Lily Gartner 
5.Jayden Parry 
6.Noah Gartner 
7.Ben Lyman 
8.Joe Doherty Jr. 
9.Jamie Kelly 
10.Dylan Holtbakk 
11.Josh Hedde  

Menehune Longboard-
1.Noah Gartner 
2.Dylan Holtbakk 
3.Lily Gartner 
4.Josh Hedde 
5.Jayden Parry 
6.Sophia Martino 
7.Page Hedde 
8.Phoebe Hedde  

Junior Longboard-
1.Joe Doherty Jr. 
2.Joe Hedde  

Men Longboard-
1.Jamie Kelly  

Master Longboard-
1.Kai Holtbakk 
2.Chris Herbert  

Legends Longboard-
1.Peter Pan 
2.Claudio Paulino 
3.Mark Preece 
4.Kitty Pechet  

Menehune Bodyboard-
1.Dylan Holtbakk  

Open Bodyboard-
1.Pat Redmond 
2.Peter Pan  

Open SUP-
1.Joe Hedde 
2.Mark Preece 
3.Peter Pan

Summer Series Grand Champions (overall points winners after four contest results at 2nd Beach)-

Menehunes-Noah Gartner/2500 points  
Boys 13 and Under-Jayden Parry/3000 points  
Girls 13 and Under-Sophia Martino and Page Hedde/1900 points  
Boys 15 and Under-Joe Doherty Jr./2900 points  
Girls 15 and Under-Lily Gartner/1900 points  
Junior Men-Ryan Wilkinson and Rigby Bennett/1000 points  
Menehune Longboard-Noah Gartner/3700 points  
Junior Longboard-Joe Doherty Jr./2800 points  
Open Shortboard-Noah Gartner/3100 points  
Men-Jamie Kelly/4000 points  
Masters-Chris Herbert/4000 points  
Senior Men-Kevin Roy/3000 points  
Grand Masters-Claudio Paulino/1000 points  
Grand Legends-Peter Pan/4000 points  
Legends Longboard-Peter Pan/4000 points  
Open Bodyboard-Pat Redmond/3000 points 
Open SUP-Joe Hedde/2000 points

Peter Pan

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