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New forecast tool allows custom wind-swell-tide-combinations



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Locaine matches defined criteria for custom-selected spots

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 October, 2015 - The brand new surf forecast website has just launched. Just like any other forecast page, Locaine provides precise information about swell, wind, tides and everything you need for an accurate forecast.

What makes Locaine unique is that you can define the exact wind-swell-tide-combinations that result in “perfect”, “good” and “poor but surfable” conditions for your home spots. 

Locaine will match these defined criteria with actual wind-swell-tide information to generate personalized, highly accurate “traffic light surf forecasts”.

You know better than any other person when your spot is going off. You know which exact swell-angel your bay needs. You know when your beachy is offshore or when there’s too much wind etc. Within minutes you can create a spot-list with your favorite spots.

A map will show which of these spots are on and which just need a bit more west or a little stronger breeze from the south. Try it out and you will be surprised how much more time you will see yourself in the lineup instead of on the road.

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Lars Jacobsen

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