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New Hampshire surf film makes landing in London



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'The Granite Stoke' Hosted by X-Treme Video & By-Walski London

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 January, 2015 - On 7th January By-Walksi London hosted a screening for a surf film about New Hampshire, a state known more for its rocks and white mountains than its mere 18 miles of coastline. "The Granite Stoke" celebrates and explores this state's surprisingly vibrant surfing community. This documentary shares the stories of these people. 

Forced to endure long flat spells and brutally cold temperatures, these surfers are bonded by their passion. They find solace in secluded waves and the New England landscape. 

The Granite Stoke took three years to make and is the first feature film by Dooster, LLC. The film makers Dylan and Ryan have toured at film festivals around the world with their other work “Salmon Theory” and “New England Blood”. 



The screening was a huge success as the By-Walski shop was at capacity with everyone enjoying a Wednesday evening of great film, popcorn and beers. 

Hosts X-Treme Video would like to thank all those who attended, especially London Surfers who bought down 30 of their committed & landlocked surfers. In addition, we had a visit from Sam, who runs an independent surf blog called Over The Dune, which we encourage you to check out.

The By-Walski shop in the Shoreditch neighborhood of London


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