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Cyrus Sutton brings traditional Burmese SPF paste to surfers




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Manda brand utilizes thanaka which has been used for over 2,000 years

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 April, 2016 - Manda was developed by professional surfer/adventurer/environmentalist Cyrus Sutton. Following a melanoma scare in his family, Cyrus became adamant about creating sun protection that stays on in the water.

Through overseas surf travel, Cyrus was introduced to a yellowish powder that the native Burmese people were using on their faces – thanaka. After years of research and development, Cyrus and the team at Manda are proud to bring to market this new organic sun paste made with that same powder from the thanaka tree.

Thanaka has been used as a natural SPF for the Burmese people for over 2,000 years due to its sun-deflecting properties. This indigenous cosmetic is also high in antioxidants, cools the skin and tightens the pores.  

Manda has mixed thanaka with seven other natural ingredients, all of which are safe enough to eat and 70% organic. The result is a sun paste that is highly water resistant, sweat-proof and environmentally sound. 

Each year an estimated 8 million pounds of sunscreen washes off into coral reef environments, which is believed to contribute to coral bleaching. Here is a recent article that TIME Magazine published on this subject.

Conventional sunscreens also contribute to soil erosion, loss of biodiversity and chemical contamination of soil, groundwater and surface water due to mining for common mineral ingredients found in most sunscreens.

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