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New South Wales sees latest in string of shark attacks

Great White Shark © Elias Levy/Flickr Commons



Shark Updates

Shark attacks man on surf ski at Black Head Beach 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 September, 2015 - David Quinlivan, 65, sustained serious, but not life-threatening injuries when he was attacked off the coast of Black Head Beach, Hallidays Point in New South Wales.

The encounter knocked Quinlivan off his surf ski and into the water where he was mauled. He he managed to get back on his ski and get to shore according to reports from the AP. 

Once on shore bystanders helped administer simple first aid and call for help. Quinlivan sustained deep cuts to his lower calf and ankle. Reports say some of the cuts were down to bone.

An ambulance and Westpac Rescue Helicopter arrived on the scene. The surf skier was then flown to John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle for emergency surgery. 

An ambulance was called to the beach in New South Wales at about 11.45am local time on Friday with a Westpac Rescue Helicopter arriving shortly afterwards.

He was then flown to the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle for emergency surgery to his leg. The state ambulance service described the injury as serious but not life-threatening.

Warren Thompson saw the incident.  “I was down there checking out the surf conditions when I saw the paddler fall off the side of his ski,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Something clearly had knocked him off the ski and he was hanging on to the edge. There were a couple of us on the beach and we all just sprinted to the water to see what we could do to help.

“He had lost his paddle but was able to climb back onto the ski and caught a wave to the shore. It looked to us like he was having heart attack.”


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