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Newman's Own vows match funds for Save the Waves


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Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 March, 2007 : - - Nell Newman, founder of Newman’s Own Organics, and Will Henry, Executive Director of Save the Waves Coalition, recently completed a trip to Orange County to meet with surf industry executives and present a matching-funds challenge of $150,000, which Newman’s Own Organics has pledged to honor over the next three years. 

The challenge was announced on Surfer Magazine’s live talk radio show “In The Lineup” on March 14, after which Newman and Henry personally presented the challenge to numerous surf companies through a series of face-to-face meetings.  Newman’s Own Organics will match any funds given to Save the Waves Coalition, dollar-for-dollar, until the end of 2009.  Two companies pledged immediate support – Volcom, Inc., and Ocean Minded.
“I’d like to see the surf industry step up and start supporting the environment,” said Nell Newman, whose company donates 6% of its royalties to charities, one of which is Save the Waves Coalition.
“It’s a little odd that most of the financial support we get comes from outside the surf industry,” added Henry, “especially when you consider that we are directly protecting their future marketplace, and promoting the sport of surfing all over the world.”  Save the Waves has worked since 2002 to protect surf spots in more than 15 different countries, but to date has received very little fiscal help from surf companies. 

“We have gotten grants from the SIMA Environmental Fund over the past three years, which we are very appreciative of, but at this point the funding we get from them is only a small part of our annual budget.”

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SIMA, the moniker for the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association, created the Environmental Fund in the 1980’s to support organizations that protect the marine environment.  SIMA’s Environmental Fund comes entirely from proceeds generated by the Annual Waterman’s Ball, a lavish fundraising event that occurs each summer in Orange County.  “One fundraising event is not enough,” furthers Henry. 

“When you look at the huge amount of growth that the surf industry has seen in recent years, you would hope that would be reflected in increased support for environmental causes.  Unfortunately, that is simply not the case.”

About Save the Waves
Save the Waves Coalition is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving surf spots globally, and to educating the public.  To find out more, visit our website .  For any questions regarding this press release, contact Save the Waves Coalition at (+1) 831-426-6169.

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