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Nic Von Rupp

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Hardworking German, Portuguese surfer Nic von Rupp has done alright in contests, even scoring a nine-plus ride at Pipe and winning both the Capitulo Perfeito in Portugal and the Pawa Tube Fest in Mexico. But his biggest success has been earning digital views with Hurley.

To achieve this end the well-spoken polyglot from Lisbon chases swell to big, slabby, scary waves all across Europe. These trips have earned Nic magazine covers and a good chunk of clips on most major surf web sites.  

What separates von Rupp from the rest of the pack of clip-chasing free surfers is his ability to craft a well-produced short chronicling his exploits. Thus was born the “My Road Series.”  “I think the Informal Documentary format we created for this series is an interesting mix between the story and action. We had the idea to show the quality of waves and surfers from the old continent and also trying to understand what is the position that European Surf takes in the Global Surf structure.

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