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Nixon welcomes Conner Coffin to global surf team

Conner Coffin © Nixon



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Santa Barbara ripper Conner Coffin joins the Nixon family

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 December, 2013 -- Nixon is proud to welcome Conner Coffin to their Global Surf Team. As is tradition, new additions to the team are possible only after a positive vote by the current Nixon surf roster. Conner easily received the green light from John John Florence, Nathan Fletcher, Dusty Payne, Bruce Irons, Josh Kerr, Keith Malloy, Lisa Andersen, Rob Machado and Mark Cunningham.

Hailing from the coastal town of Santa Barbara, Conner honed his skills and powerful style at Rincon and the area’s point breaks. Conner's appreciation of surf history is evident in his throwback style and repertoire in the water.

From being compared to the legendary Tom Curren, to winning the US Open Junior Pro twice over in Huntington Beach, it’s easy to see why the Nixon team was adamant about having him on board. Toss in a great personality and long list of accomplishments, in and out of surfing, and it’s clear that adding Conner to the Nixon roster was unquestionable.

Nixon marketing manager, Mike Murciano, had this to add, “Out of all the guys that have been voted on to the team at Nixon, Conner has been, by far, the one everyone was most unanimous about adding. That says a lot about him.”
Conner received enthusiastic nods from members of Nixon’s surf team: “Yea, I love that kid. He is really solid.” - Bruce Irons .

“He is a good kid and would be great to pick on! Ha!” - Josh Kerr

“Thumbs up from me! Love the kid and love his surfing." - Rob Machado

In the words of Conner, “Riding for Nixon is so radical. The team and the company feel like a family. I really respect the time and attention that they devote to their riders and including them in making product we will dig. It's different to any other team I've been on and I couldn't be more stoked to be a part of it!”

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