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Northern New South Wales deploys smart drumlines ... for now

Great White Shark © WikiCommons



Shark Updates

Some say anti-shark plan has holes in it

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 December, 2015 - Drum lines are being tested in Northern New South Wales Australia in the area where shark interaction with surfers has increased dramatically this year.

These ‘smart’ drumlines work by triggering an alarm when a fish is hooked. A rescue crew is then alerted, dispatched and goes out to tag and release the hooked sharks. The tags provide information on the shark’s whereabouts as well as other information.

Environmentalists are upset because the hooks can injure the large predatory fish. However, other local ocean-users are upset the smart nets are slated only for temporary use. 

Don Munro of the Le-Ba Boardriders club told The Australian he’s disappointed because he and most in the area believed the drumlines would be permanent.

“I’m disgusted,” he told The Australian adding that the populous beaches off Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong get more safety measures than the northern coast.

“Why won’t (Premier) Mike Baird come up here and go surfing with us? I’ve invited him ­already,’’ Mr Munro told The Australian. “I’ll ­organise the accommodation for him. As Mike knows, we have ­excellent waves up here, from Evans Head all the way to the (Queensland) border. He won’t come, of course.”


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