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This is Not Good: Swell producing storms set to take a hike

Higher tides and fewer storms predicted for The Lane © Prefontaine/O'Neill



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Storms to take different track as climate changes

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 February, 2015 - In a one-two punch for surfing’s future a study released this week by the United States Geological Survey says that a rapidly changing global climate will likely affect prime surf spots worldwide.

The rising oceans will wipe out many low-tide only spots while changing tracks for swell-producing storms will affect intensity and direction of swell trains. In California, one major source for surf is open-ocean storms which would shift their routine track by 2100, sending swell trains parallel to the coast rather than toward it.

Researchers discovered this by adjusting computer models to account for surf in a warming world and were, well, very shocked. Until now scientists and the surf community at large assumed a globally warmed atmosphere would produce more storms and therefore more waves. But researcher Li Erikson said that the models point toward storm patterns frequenting less surf-producting tracks.

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