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Now is a good time to learn water resuscitation

Maya Gabeira : Framegrab Billabong XXL


Water Safety

European Association of Surfing Doctors share video that could save a life

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 31 October, 2013 : - - In response to the near fatal incident at the European Big Wave Surf Spot, Nazaré with Maya Gabeira, we want to discuss the basic resuscitation of the drowning victim because we think it is vital knowledge for every watermen & waterwoman.

Legends were charging massive waves last week in Europe. With great excitement the global surf scene watched the footage. Besides the impressive rides, we were also witness of near fatal incident at Nazaré.

Every Surfer can become involved in a drowning incident on a local beach even without massive swells. You can become of great value for your friend in need if you understand the basics of the resuscitation of a drowning victim. Let us introduce to you Andrew Smith, Emergency Medicine Resident, Director of Lifeguard without borders and member of the European Association of Surfing Doctors.
Andrew is taking you in on his lecture through the basic elements of what you need to know when you encounter a drowning victim. We used the incident in Nazaré as illustrating case and will highlight the most important things to know.


Maya's near-death accident


How to Save Maya or anyone else




In the coming years the Big Wave Tour will be present on the professional agenda, brave young man and women will continue charging world largest waves. It will be an exciting development for the entire Surf Sport, every TV-channel will be broadcasting these events in their news. These new developments will need state of the art Medical Support and will lead to new innovations in equipment and protective gear for big wave Surfing.

Join your local lifeguard institute, follow a basic life support course and spread the word at your local home spot. You can make a difference and save a life as surfer.

Dion van de Schoot, MD

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