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NZ: Orcas round-up of Sharks ends in feeding frenzy

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NZ: Orcas round Up of Sharks ends in feeding frenzy

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 28 December, 2011 : - - A pod of orcas and a group of sharks clashed in a feeding frenzy in the surf at Blue Cliffs Beach, near Tuatapere in Southland, NZ, on Boxing Day. An eyewitness said it looked like the killer whales were hunting the sharks. One wounded shark washed ashore with a bloody gash on its snout.

'That particular shark had been beaten up by the orcas,' an eyewitness said. 'There were heaps of sharks just off the beach, swimming in towards the beach then turning around and going back out.' Residents said they had never seen sharks and orcas behaving like this. It appeared the whales were fighting the sharks ... the sharks were coming ashore because they didn't want to be in the water.
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