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NZ Surfing Magazine airs 'The Green Room' spread

NZ Surf Magazine July/August #164



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NZ Surf Magazine launches July/August issue

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 July, 2015 - There's been a tonne of snow over the country lately and water temps have been a real challenge to become motivated, especially when the wetsuit was left in the bag in the back of the car, all wet and frozen!  Yet there have been plenty of surfers out around the country and the icy roads and wind hasn't being able to stop NZ Surf Mag from getting around the traps to cover some epic mid winter swells.

It seems we have drifted back into a El Nino pattern with predominant  westerly quarter winds, which mean Gisborne, Shipwreck, Raglan, Dunedin and further south have been the spots, yet in between these relentless patterns we have been graced with a couple of sub tropical lows that have broken the East Coast drought. Through all of this was born the latest issue of NZ Surf Mag and it is on sale right now. 
Set in ink for you to drool over are:  Matt Scorringe of The Art Of Surfing nails the COVER his first in some time and the first to be shot at Shipwreck Bay since 1988's cover of Mike Tepania. Matt was up at Shippies with the Raglan Surf Academy which he is currently coaching and when the groms became tired Matty snuck in a few waves!
In a bumper photo spread titled 'The Green Room' we pay homage to surfings greatest act of them all, The Barrel, Keg, Tube, Bazza, the list goes on, whatever  affectionate name you like to use, nothing comes close to some time spent in the Green Room. Immerse yourself!


We feature an interview with Matt Lewis Hewitt and his passion for 'Giving Back' and helping out those in need. Matt has been mentoring young students throughout the country with inspirational talks of his experiences as a pro surfer. A self driven desire to motivate others gives Matt a real sense of accomplishment and we catch up to see what makes him tick. 


We ventured to the land of shingle beaches and stumbled across an all time bar. Well it wasn't  all that flukey, we actually had an inside tip off from a few local Jamma's who were keen to share their wave, but only for a day! And that's all that it lasted for anyway. Joined by Elliot Paerata-Reid and Alex Dive and hosted by local lads Bronson Primmer, Jeremy Evans and Tyler Lawson. Barrels were threaded and vehicles were nearly drowned, all to the tune of "The Jingle of Shingle"


After many years of trying the Rip Curl Raglan Pro returned back to the actual point breaks and scored big time in what will be remembered as some of the best waves and surfing to ever go down in NZ surf competition history. 

Our 30th year of publication continues to be celebrated and we take a look at the years between 1995-2000, with an interview with the man at the helm back then Chris Berge. Fondly recall the years of the Raglan Billabong WQS and  Maz's first WQS World Tour win. Cover the technologic changes between then and now and those that were shredding during these years in particular Emmerson Tucket and Nuku Nash, plus much more.

The Pita Pit Roady keeps on rolling and we made use of these strong southerly swells that have been rocking our West Coast and headed up to the Land Of The Leg Burners in the Far North along with the Raglan Surf Academy students for four days of tearing the points, running sand dunes, and teenage pranks, followed by an epic feed during the trip home at Whangarei Pit Pit store which had the grommets foaming. 


Plus much much more including: Rising Grom - The Far Norths Taj Broughton. An epic sequence from Elliot Paerata- Reid. The Bodyglove. Kaikoura Pro scores! Catch up with expat Chad Bolth. NZ Surfing is available at all leading bookshops, newsagents and surf shops throughout the country.

Will Holliday

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