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OAM signs East Coaster Brett Barley to the team

OAM signs East Coaster Brett Barley to the team
Brett Barley



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Brett Barley will represent OAM from the right coast 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 September, 2014 - OAM announces the signing of another East Coast superstar, Brett Barley. Brett is known for charging, doing big airs and owning the Mid Atlantic region. Raz Hodgman and John Oda are very excited about Brett joining the team.

“Adding Brett to our team is really exciting and it’s adding value to our east coast region and supporting the coast where a lot of our best surfers come from. 

“It’s really nice being a part of such great brand that has an incredible history that goes back into the Momentum era, " said Barley. "I love the pads I have been using and look forward to designing my own pad,” he said. 

John Oda

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