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O'Brien back with fifth season of "Who is JOB?"

Who is JOB action © Jake Marote





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Jamie O'Brien's wild series Who is JOB is back for a fifth season

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 May, 2015 - Pipeline, Hawaii - Red Bull released the first glimpse into the fifth season of their series, Who is J.O.B?" The series consinues to chronicle the wild antics of perrennial North Shore standout Jamie O'Brien. 

Here's what Red Bull had to say about the new season: 

It’s easy to see how Jamie O’Brien became known as one of surfing’s most entertaining figures. He's a Pipeline Master, big-wave rider, small-wave phenom, movie producer, prankster and all-around game changer. Just when you thought the shenanigans with Jamie and his North Shore crew couldn’t get any wilder, this season of Who is JOB 5.0 turns up the heat with 10 brand new episodes that will keep you rolling. From big wave surfing with the seven person surfboard dubbed the “Supsquatch” to making it snow on the North Shore to pushing the limits of big wave tubing on a Wednesday. The fun continues with sketchy rope swings, jumping shopping carts and new tattoos. When the swell comes up, Jamie is back on his surfboard catching waves on the North Shore including the 'Wave of the Winter.'



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