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The original key safe KEYPOD launches the 5Gs


The original Keypod was released back in 2004, invented by the founder of Northcore. The Keypod became something of a minor revolution amongst the surfing community. No longer did surfers need to hide their vehicle keys, they could now lock them away in a portable safe. Keypod was the first and as others try to follow Keypod continues to lead as it brings out the very latest update named the Keypod 5Gs.

Key features include:

10mm thick steel padlock shackle

Full width steel pin engineered into the hinge for additional strength

Integrated shackle combination reset mechanism

Super tough 3mm thick foam backed corrosion resistant alloy body

Internal dimensions: L 9cm x W 6.3cm x D 2.8cm

Fits all known vehicle keys and immobilisers

Simple maintenance, wipe dry and occasional oiling will ensure years of reliable use



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