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Ozzie Wright board project debuts in U.S.A



Industry Updates

Vampirate Surfboards launches “Surf and Destroy” Collection

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 January, 2014 - The Vampirate Surfboards “Surf and Destroy” 2014 collection was previewed to USA retailers at Agenda Long Beach with our USA showroom: "Band of Martians” team of Jenna Woodhull, Ally Lopez and Christine Carelli.

Vampirate is the brainchild of artistic surfer Ozzie Wright, shaper Mark Gnech and marketer Jon Laurenson creating experimental surf and skate designs built for speed and fun. Mark Gnech has been a leading and alternative Australian shaper for over 20 years. 

Throughout 2013 Craig Anderson and Dane Reynolds, Dion Agius and Andrew Doheny riding his favorite Vampirate surfboards including the Too Fast for Satan, The Rainbow and the Unicorn featured Ozzie Wright in various movies.  

We have now introduced 2 new models designed by California shredder Andrew Doheny – The Inflatable Blowup Mattress and the Stoned Computer. Later in 2014 we will collaborate with free spirited surfing experimentalist Alex Knost on a couple new Vampirate models. 

Custom Vampirate surfboards are now available in the USA at our San Clemente residence through our finishing shaper Danny Craig. Danny is an industry veteran with over 20 years experience shaping boards, manufacturing fins, leg ropes surfboard accessories and generally shredding and playing punk rocknroll. 

We have also licensed 5 of our models to the Surfboard Agency (TSA) to manufacturer in Epoxy and PU to provide retailers the opportunity of extra profit margin on surfboard sales. Our TSA models are ordered direct through TSA USA east coast sales rep John O’Connor and west coast sales rep Chris Dunham 

The Vampirate skateboard collection is driven from our surfing ideals including pool decks, retro pool decks and cruisers. The skateboards are being produced in the USA and were designed by skate production legend Dale Smith.

We enhance our branding with limited tees by various artists hand picked by Ozzie and also add occasional quirky fun craft like our “werewolf in a leather jacket” candle.


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