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Paige Hareb talks requalification ups & downs

Image Courtesy: Paige Hareb

Paige's Page

Paige Hareb is re-qualified & relaxing in France

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 September, 2013 : - - Well, it's September and the women's competition side of things is nearly over. It's been one of those years for me.

Up and down with results, mostly down to my disgust. At the start of this year, I was planning on not having to do the World Qualifying Series (WQS) let alone having to use it and rely on it.

Maybe it was that I need to train harder, maybe it was that I still hadn't fully recovered from a kidney operation, maybe I just had bad luck in some heats, maybe it was a mixture of all of the above!

Either way I'm currently on the bubble on the Women's World Championship tour (WCT) of getting knocked off, so I had to pull something out of the bag, dig deep and get some results on the WQS to hang on to a spot on the 2014 world tour.

I really was starting to get thoughts that shouldn't of been in my head at all like "what if" I don't re-qualify. Like I said, it was just one of those years. I started off the WQS with a 48 round knock out and a 24 round knock out leaving me way down the rankings at 28.

That made me think I was almost down and out until I got a 2nd place finish at the Super Girl Pro in Oceanside, California. Pushing me right up to 8th, it gave me a new lease of life and confidence.

With a 5th place at the Swatch Pro in France I 'only' needed to make round of 12 in Pantin, Spain in the last WQS of the year.

Missing out on advancing to that round by .4 left the door open, me sitting and watching, biting my fingernails and wondering if wiggling my bum that little bit more would of got me the .4 I needed. It was nervous times, but long story short I re-qualified!

With two more WCT's to go, the next one in Hossegor with the men uh-hum hope we get waves this time round! Then the last one finishing in Portugal.

I'm very excited about both and can't wait to relax, have fun and just surf with no pressure on me. In the mean time, I'm going to enjoy this French summer! Au revoir!

Source: Paige Hareb

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