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Paige Hareb is training hard & on track for 2014

Photo Courtesy: Paige Hareb



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Catching up with Paige Hareb as she readies for 2014

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 February, 2014 -- Happy New year everyone! I was very happy to see the new year in since 2013 wasn't the easiest year of my life.

Recovering from (keyhole) kidney surgery, and a couple of finger operations, it's taken me nearly the whole year to recover properly and get back to 100 percent. I wasn't happy with my 2013 results but still very happy to still be on the  2014 ASP Women's World Tour!

My 2014 preparation started back in October with a trip to Cloudbreak, Fiji to test out new boards and be ready for this years (new) ASP Women's competition there.

I have then spent most of November, December, and January at home with the odd road trip around the North Island for surf or media requirements. This has been the longest period I've spent at home in years, and it's been great

Stoked on Subaru © Paige Hareb


I've been training everyday and I started off losing about 5kg from eating well, a healthy protein diet, all combined with running, biking, swimming, gym, cross-fit and of course surfing! I'm feeling the fittest and healthiest I've felt in quite a few years. So here's to myself and all of you for an exciting 2014 year.

This summer I was lucky enough to be invited to the big tennis tournament in Auckland featuring world class players like Venus Williams (in the women's) and David Ferrer in the men's. I was supposed to be helicoptered to a beach with a few of the players to give them a surf lesson, unfortunately the weather (and the surf) had to be bad on that exact day.

It was still worth the trip, as I got a box seat pretty much on the court to watch the women's final. Pretty amazing being so close to the action and such elite athletes. It made me want to get back into my tennis!


Sailing with John Isner © Paige Hareb


Instead of surfing I got to go sailing on one of the old Americas Cup yachts and help sail it including some grinding and steering, a pretty amazing experience, especially going with top men's tennis player John Isner. I nearly hurt my neck looking up at him since he's nearly 7ft tall and I'm about half a foot.

I also got to meet and have a chat to World number three, David Ferrer. He was a very nice, quiet - a humble guy. He's the complete opposite to Isner, my size! So incredible to have two of the top players in the world that are so opposite in size and with their training regimes.

Ferrer is apparently a cardio freak - he runs around sweating it out whereas Isner doesn't like to weight-bear so concentrates and relies on his serves/aces a lot. I remember when people always used to say that you had to have a certain body type for different sports but this is a true example of anyone can be the best whether you're tall, short, black, white, whatever!

The whole trip was an awesome experience. I think surfing and tennis are quite similar in some ways - I love playing it, I love watching it, the determination of the players and it interesting to see who wears their heart on their sleeve, who keeps cool, calm and collective (like Federer.) Either way, I gained a lot of inspiration and motivation from all the players and can't wait to take some of that with me to the Australian Open of Surfing.


Paige Hareb

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