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Pair of great whites making North Carolinians nervous

Katherine the Great White © @RockStarLydia





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Great whites Katharine and Genie are joined by third compadre

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 April, 2015 - Outerbanks, North Carolina - North Carolina residents have been getting a little nervous near the coast this week, as a pair of great white sharks named Kathering and Genie have made their way near the Pamlico Sound. And what's more, the par have been joined by a third great white. 

Ocean research group Ocearch tagged the two sharks that were detected off the coast of the Outer Banks this month. This week they were joined by another ocean-going beast, Mary Lee, another great white Ocearch has tagged and monitored. Mary Lee clocks in at more than five meters long and 3,500 pounds. 

Inquisitr got the scoop: 

"As ABC 7 notes, Mary Lee’s tag signaled on the evening of Sunday, April 12, documenting that the great white was swimming off the coast of Wilmington. The data revealed that the shark was on a northward path, venturing farther in that direction than she has at any other time in over a year. Since then, the shark has been detected several more times, staying true to her course along the edge of the continental shelf. On April 16, Mary Lee pinged to the east of Roanoke, revealing her presence in the area to researchers."



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