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Park. Surf. Lose Car. Find Car Days Later Burned Up

Area where cars were taken © Sylvia Wrigley



Auto Theft

Someone stealing surfers’ cars near Swansea

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 January, 2015 - Another surfer has returned from the water to discover his vehicle has been taken - only for it to be found burned out days later. Oscar Kavanagh had gone into the water Caswell Bay on Tuesday morning (Jan 12) , but on returning to the car park he realised his silver Renault Clio had been taken, containing his phone, house keys, money and an iPod.

The student was left standing in his wetsuit and surfboard, but was fortunate enough to be offered a lift and use of a phone by another surfer, who had to drive him down to Mumbles so they could get mobile reception. “The first thing on my mind after leaving the water is getting warm. I was left standing, soaked in a wetsuit holding my surfboard”.

Police contacted Mr Kavanagh later in the week, to tell him that his vehicle had been discovered burnt out in Berwick Terrace, Northhill.

The incident is almost identical to one which happened to another surfer weeks before, just round the cliffs in Langland.

Father-of-three Mike Bonurelli had gone for a surf at Langland a week before Christmas, only to discover his Volkswagen T5 Special Edition Sport Ice, had been taken, containing his builders’ work tools, as well as gifts, and his wedding ring.

It was discovered after Christmas burnt-out on a patch of land in Llandarcy.


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