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Patagonia Yulex wetsuit review

Yulex wetsuit by Patagonia
Yulex wetsuit by Patagonia



Wetsuit Review 

The Yulex is made from more flexible and enviro friendly products 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 October, 2014 - One undeniable trait about why people love Patagonia is because of their innovative ideas for constructing products in the most environmentally friendly way possible. It’s no secret that wetsuits are a petroleum based product and thus not inline with environmentally friendly practices. Enter the Yulex wetsuit from Patagonia that incorporates properties from the guayule plant. This technology has taken over four years to develop and is a renewable resource that Patagonia claims provides improved elasticity and softness compared to other alternative materials such as limestone.

This suit comes in a front-zip style that is outlined with Nexkin. The outer collar has both the Yulex rubber technology and the Nexkin stitched together. On the inside of the collar the seam is sealed and lined with high-stretch recycled polyester. The chest-zip flap is easy to pull over, but finding the zipper and getting it to zip right away is a little challenging because the zipper is the same color as the suit making it harder to see.  The chest zip entry is easy to get on, but a little tough to get off. Stretching the material over the shoulder for pulling the suit off is difficult, but with a little soap it should slip right off. 

It’s always summer on the inside with Patagonia’s hydrophobic micro-grid recycled polyester thermal lining throughout the torso and thighs. A few years ago wetsuits starting adding plushier interiors in the chest and core areas because a body heating air trapped in a plushy area is more efficient than a body heating water stuck against flat neoprene. The plushy inside of the Yulex R3 reminds me of a winter coat, when you feel it you know it’s going to keep you warm. The material feels soft, but a little scratchy at the first touch, but once you put it on it feels rather cozy like a warm blanket and not scratchy at all. 

The outside of the suit is lined with Patagonia’s Nexkin technology, a lining designed to block out those penetrating winds that tend to prematurely end your session. The external seams are 100% sealed all seams are triple glued and blindstitched. The external seams are lined with material that feel like soft rubber and are internally taped on high stress areas. 

The suit is definitely made for warmth. If you live in an area where having the extra edge on warmth is highly desirable, than this suit is for you. The suit molds to your body nicely making it a flexible, comfortable fit. The suit feels a little heavier when comparing to other suits, but will be worth the trading for warmth if you don’t mind taking on a little extra weight.

Overall the suit is designed and constructed of some of the best technology out there. The suit is by far one of the warmest 3.2s I’ve tried on. The overall design of the suit makes for a stellar comfortable fit. A couple drawbacks to keep in mind is the difficulty getting out of the suit and the added weight. Keep in mind that by buying Patagonia’s Yulex technology you are helping to change the world by steering away from petroleum with your consumer choices. 

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