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Paul Fisher is still talking about that penis board, oh, and DJ-ing




Transition to music a natural flow for the man behind Follow The Fish

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 February, 2016 - Ninety-nine percent of the world is way introverted compared to Paul Fisher. The man is known for his uninhibited style of intereviewing subjects, having a royal disdain for convention and his mad-cackling laugh. 

A couple years ago he had a penis-shaped surfboard built by SUPERbrand and proceeded to surf it well and ride it for hundreds of visual gags. The crew at Label Park sat down with Paul and talked to him about the penis board (obviously) but also about his foray into the world of DJ-ing.


Hi Paul, can you introduce yourself real quick?
My name is Paul Fisher and I’m a Man with green eyes with quiet a sharp nose and i like to surf and play music…

You’ve made your name thru Surfing and now you’re getting a big name as a DJ. Can you tell us your evolution and transition? When did it happen? How come you decided to invest yourself more in music?
Well when I surfed I always played around with music when I was on the road surfing I would always play around with music on my down times in between surfs. I used to play a lot in clubs while i was on the road with my mate Leigh who I do all my music with.  I think Leigh and I made the transition 3 years ago and wanted to see where it would take us and how far we could take it….Its funny though nothing has really changed i still surf just as much as i did and i still pretty much have the same life except now i get payed to play music.


Do you still have enough time to Surf beside your busy artistic schedule?
Of course i do i think i surf more now than i ever have hahah !!!

You’ve had a strong buzz on the internet with your dickboard, how did you get that idea?
Well i was injured at the time and i was out of the water for a long time i remember running into the lads from super and they were like why don’t you come in and shape a board whatever you want. So we threw a couple ideas around then it just hit me, why don’t i do a big dick !!!

What was the shaper’s reaction when you mentioned that project?
They thought it was epic we set a time and a date and a way we went !!! The glorious dick was created the cock and balls were sculpted to perfection, the out line was phenomenal.

It seems to work properly? Can you tell us a bit about the design process to get to a proper surfboard with a dick design?
Mate to be honest we all thought the thing was for show and it was going to ride like shit !!! But once i got my first wave i was like hang on this thing is all time off the nuts. It was like the balls were exploding off the bottom it was out of hand !!! it rode like a champ.

What are the dimensions and volume of your Dick (board)?
Mate thats a secret ya cant give the golden cock away thats like robbing a bank and telling the cops !!!

Can you tell us how it reacts? Is it like a performance board, a fish, a small wave board, an evolutive board?
IT performs like any dick should stiff and hard !!! It can make love it can be passionate but then it can  also be an absolute animal and tear shreds… The dick is there for pleasing just depends on what mood its in.




What are the best conditions to ride it?
Its an all rounder but it likes to be deep in the barrel if you know what i mean.

When you’re not riding your dickboard, what’s your favorite surfboard?
Mate I’m loving my Unit at the moment its so fun its such an all round board for me at the moment  its the perfect recovery board from the dick hahah.

Do you have any new crazy design in the tube?
You will have to wait and see !!!

Anything you’d like to add ?
The world is SUPER !!!

Thanks a lot Paul for your time

Greg Lacan

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