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Pauline Ado's World Tour exploits gets social

Pauline Ado © Rip Curl

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22 year old Pauline Ado is back on the World Tour

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 28 February, 2013 : - - Young French surfer Pauline Ado has for the first time in the History of European Women Surfing re-qualified on the ASP Women's World Tour for the third time in a row. Fresh from a good break between cold sessions in Iceland and the warm Hawaians waters of the North Shore, Pauline has started the year with a great quarter final result at the Newcastle (AUS) WQS 6 star event last week.

This year the world will be able to follow Pauline and interact with her through her social networks using #poporico, linking her nickname Popo, and the famous crowing (cocorico) that makes French people so proud! Pauline can be found on Twitter & Instagram @paulineado.

Source: Rip Curl

Author: Marie-Pascale Delanne

Tags: France, Rip Curl, Pauline Ado, Social Media

Team: Surfersvillage


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