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Pe'ahi event says "Go" while The Eddie says "No"



Big Wave Updates

Big swell good for Jaws, but not solid enouth for Waimea

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 January, 2015 - The World Surf League (WSL) Big Wave Tour (BWT) is greenlighting the Pe’ahi Challenge in Maui, Hawaii for an 8 a.m. start (local time) this Thursday, January 22, 2015. Watch the world’s best big wave surfers riding giant waves live at as a projected 30-to-40-foot swell descends upon the region.

“Pe’ahi is a very special place and conditions are lining up for Thursday so we’re pulling the trigger," said Peter Mel, WSL Big Wave Commissioner. “We’ve greenlit the Pe’ahi Challenge for an 8am start on Thursday. It will be the second event of the Northern Hemisphere season and the third of the 2014/2015 season.

We’ve seen Makuakai Rothman victorious in Pico Alto and then finish Runner-Up to Nic Lamb (USA) in Punta Galea so the Hawaiian is firmly in the driver’s seat in this season’s title hunt. Pe’ahi is a serious wave and we’re excited to see this historic event come to life on Thursday.”

Eddie Aikau a 'No Go'
An official "NO GO" call for the Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau was made by the event organizers at 9am today. Organizers have been following the development of a swell scheduled to hit the North Shore of Oahu this week Wednesday. Citing inconsistency and a lack of the minimum 40-foot wave face heights that the event requires for a full eight-hour day of competition, the event will wait this one out. 
The Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau, a WSL sanctioned specialty event, has until February 28, 2015 to run, and organizers will continue to assess winter swell episodes as they develop throughout the period.
"After assessing all available forecast sources, we are not seeing sufficient energy to run the event this week," said Event Director Glen Moncata. "The Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau requires a full eight hour day of waves with minimum 40-foot faces. What we are seeing simply does not meet the criteria. Yes, there will be some waves of that height in the latter half of the day, but not a full day of consistent surf. We will wait."
The limiting factor to this swell episode appears to be a strong westerly component which results in Kauai island producing a shadowing effect for the North Shore of Oahu, reducing the size and consistency of the swell that will impact Waimea Bay.


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