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Pen Stroke Stoke: Peru's president saves surfbreaks

President Ollanta Humala with Sofia Mulanovich © Luis Tantajulca



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Peruvian President Ollanta Humala signs historic law | espanol

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 December, 2013 - After 13 years of waiting, Peruvian President Ollanta Humala last week signed into law the administrative framework for the legislation, to finally begin enforcement of law 2780 for the Protection of Peru’s coastline and its surf breaks. This law protects Peru’s beaches from construction that may affect the coast and its waves that are ideal for surfing.

“If we are leaders in surfing at the regional and international levels, why not keep supporting this sport that adds value to our country. It’s worth worrying about sport,” said President Humala. The President also added that sport plays a key role in the development of today’s youth, and as a way to promote good values and to stay away from drugs and gang activity.

“Protecting the integrity of coastal wave producing areas is not something that is done just to benefit surfers,” remarked ISA President Fernando Aguerre. “By protecting the integrity of their surf breaks, the Peruvian Government has taken the side of preserving the surf areas, and as a consequence, also the culture and viability of those unique wave riding communities.”

Peru is famous for its left pointbreaks © Gonzalez


Aguerre continued, “I congratulate and admire President Humala’s decision to support the conservation of their surf breaks that include some of the most beautiful coastline and waves anywhere on the planet. I also congratulate FENTA and their leaders for spending the last 13 years working hard to obtain Peru’s Executive Branch to approve the legal framework to make the law fully operational.

"One of the most ocean-loving countries in the world, Peru is showing the way to the rest of the world. This is no coincidence since it was a Peruvian, Mr. Eduardo Arena, who was elected first president of the just founded ISA, in 1964. Over the last 50 years, Peru has established itself as one of the leading surfing nations in the world. Muchas gracias Peru!”

With the surf community’s influence from beaches across the country, such as Punta Rocas and La Herradura, an agreement was reached with the Peruvian Congress. The Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Education, Peru’s Navy, Peruvian Institute of Sport (IPD), as well as the Peruvian Surfing Federation (FENTA), teamed up to solve this major environmental matter.

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